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Cyber Security Solutions

Charlie.Bravo.Romeo (CBRSafe) is a team of dedicated Information Security experts who assist CIOs & CISOs to successfully deliver on all critical aspects of Cyber Security. Our team leads security engagements, enables legal and regulatory compliance initiatives, manages risk assessments and are always mindful of financial constraints and technology adoption.


Strategy and Roadmap

CBRSafe has helped businesses build success plans, 3 year roadmaps and assist in program management, project delivery and staff support. We always deliver effective solutions that align with corporate strategic initiatives, goals and vision.


Executive and Employee Training & Awareness

Some say that employees are the weakest link in the Cyber Security defense plan. We believe with the right training and awareness, your employees become the first line of defense! 

Security awareness training is a critical aspect to any successful Cyber Resilience plan. We offer tailored Board awareness training, Executive, Management and Employee cyber security awareness training.  

personnel placement

Personnel Placement & Recruiting


Whether you are seeking fast efficient sourcing of permanent, temporary or interim personnel, we carefully select the talent that is the right fit for your company culture.

From program managers to security engineers, we know tech specialists are in demand and hard to find. We can help! 

Who We Are

Our Mission Statement


We believe in adding value to your business. Understanding the true nature of your risks, threats and vulnerabilities is essential in doing what is right for you and your customers. Only when we truly believe we have understood your business objectives, visions and goals , do WE believe that we have properly aligned your security needs. 

Cyber Resilience


A good Cyber Resilience plan includes controls, process and tools to help Identify, Detect, Protect, Respond and Recover from Cyber Threats. We are here to help with all aspects of your plan. 

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